Statutory Declarations are becoming a more and more common way whereby Defendants convicted of offences without their knowledge, in particular in driving cases, can set-aside their conviction. you will often be advised by the Court that you can make a Statutory Delectation and this is will resolve the problem.

Please be aware however, making a Statutory Deceleration is is serious undertaking and can have significant and native negative implications on you and your case. This includes the fact that:

1.The case does not go away. Often the Court will immediately ask you to enter a plea on an offence you have little or no knowledge about and without proper legal advice the penalty could end up being greater than that originally imposed by the Court.

2.Any disqualification and or points already imposed can be re-imposed from the start. As a result without proper legal advice you could end up serving a sentence or ban all over again.

As a result we advise that is it very important that you receive legal advice before making a Statutory Delectation. Please do not hessite to contact us as we will be able to advise you through this complex process.