The sentencing council have recently published clarification regarding the position of loss of employment with regards to the exceptional hardship
Due to being busy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the courts are currently unable to swear statutory declarations
We have recently had 2 new people joining or growing team of specialist lawyers. Tineka O'Mara is a Solicitor with
Another great result for JTS as we were able to successfully persuade the central ticket office to offer a speed
Another good result for JTS a a person who had been accused of speeding on four separate occasions over a
A great result today for one of our clients who is being prosecuted by TFL for fare evasion. Despite court
Follow the below link to fully understand the new rules in relation to vehicle MOTs. if you are facing a
We have noticed a significant increase in clients who have revived letters in the last few days notifying them that
We are finding that many prosecuting Councils are currently reviewing their decision to prosecute on Education cases as a result
At JTS we are having success in asking prosecutors whether it is now in the interests of justice to proceed