Jts had another good day on Friday when we successfully argued that 2 separate cases of of fare evasion should
Another great result of JTS who were successful in making submissions to the local licensing committee that our Client was
JTS successfully represented a Premier League footballer in avoiding a disqualification. After successful legal argument the Court agreed to impose
JTS achieved a great result today for a client accused of underground fare evasion by transport for London. Despite refusing
‘I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with my case. Mike represented me this morning and the case
Alleged speeder successfully avoided penalty points and a fine by arguing special reasons that he suffered a hypoglycaemic attack whilst
Victory today for local street trader accused of illegally selling their music. If you have been accused of selling your
Great result today for JTS Solicitors with the case being with drawn for an allegation of speeding when the signage
JTS were able to successfully argue today that Despite having being caught drink driving on 3 separate occasions with very