New members of our team

We have recently had 2 new people joining or growing team of specialist lawyers.

Tineka O’Mara is a Solicitor with experience in dealing with driving cases, taxi licensing and serious crime.

Samuel Hinds is a Trainee Solicitor specialising in driving offences and fare evasion as well as police complaint matter.

JTs would like to welcome both Tineka and Sam to our expanding team.

Driver avoids disqulaification proceedings

Another great result for JTS as we were able to successfully persuade the central ticket office to offer a speed awareness course in an alternative to prosecution which would have resulted in a 6 month disqualification. the best chance of success in your case is when you can instruct us at an early stage so we can make representation of your behalf.

Speeder with 4 different offences avoids disqualification

Another good result for JTS a a person who had been accused of speeding on four separate occasions over a period of a week faceed disqualification under totting.we were able to negotiate with the central ticket Office that there were exceptional reasons why why these matters should not be preceded with and therefore a disqualification was avoided and a minimum number of penalty points imposed if you need help contact ask now for free initial advice


A great result today for one of our clients who is being prosecuted by TFL for fare evasion. Despite court proceedings having been started written representations to TfL was successful and they agreed to fully withdraw the case. if you require any assistance with your case please do not hesitate to contact us

Letter from DVLA telling you that you have been disqualified

We have noticed a significant increase in clients who have revived letters in the last few days notifying them that they have been banned without their knowledge. It appears that at the moment the courts are imposing can first ask questions later policy. Often the disqualifications of offences that the person did not commit or not made aware of and this has been compounded by the current coronavirus crisis. We are able to liaise with the courts and seek to quickly reverse the disqualification on your behalf and hope to limit the impact on your life. More often than not these cases can conclude with no penalty points or a small number of penalty points and a small fine and no disqualification. We are also able to conduct process initially over the telephone and almost immediately. Call or email us now for further assistance