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At JTS we have a very high success rate in representing medics in driving cases for high speed and totting where the licence is needed to support patients and the NHS. if you require initial free advice please contact us for further information.

Another great result of JTS Client who was able to get his licence back after only 2 years of a 3 year ban. We can apply for your licence back early if your ban was for 3 years or more and we operate on a fixed fee basis to limit any fees. Please contact us for further information and advice.

At JTS we were able to successfully represent a professional footballer who faced a disqualification  by successfully arguing exceptional hardship.  if you need help with your case please contact us for further advice.

JTS had another top result for an Olympic Champion on Friday avoiding the need for them to attend Court any press reporting and obtaining the result they required.

At JTS we represent many high profile clients including professional athletes, footballers and TV celebrities discretly and getting them the results they are looking for. (more…)

A great result for a JTS Cliejt today who deposited admitting using his.moboe phone inly received 3 pobts and £100 fine rather than the usual 6 pobts and £300 fine. If you have been accused of this offence we cab help you get the same result simply contact us now.

Another good week at JTS where we achieved a 100÷ success rate in our cases. If you need assitscbe with your case please contact us for initial advice.

  • We had a very good result for one of our clients yesterday who had been previously represented and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving in the Crown Court. We were able to successfully vacate their plea and then get the offence withdrawn avoiding the risk of a lengthy ban and prison sentence. If you need assistance with your case please call or email us for free initial advice.


A good result for JTS this week as we managed to secure the minium ban of 12 months for a dvier who was recorded at 16 x the legal limit. If you need assistance with your drug driving case contact us now

We are pleased to launch or new website today. We have designed this new site to it is easier to navigate, understand how we can help you and seek free initial advice.

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