Drink & Drug Driving

Drink & Drug Driving

Drink Driving

If it has been alleged that you have been driving whilst over the limit then we can assist you in defending these allegations. We will challenge the police evidence to ensure that they have complied with the strict requirements under the law for this type of offence. We will also carefully consider arguments to persuade the Court to apply their discretion not disqualify you from driving or to persuade the prosecution to consider an alternative charge that results in penalty points only.

Drunk in charge of a motor vehicle

We commonly see circumstances where people are prosecuted when they actually had no intention to drive the car. We can put your version of events before the Court in a confident and persuasive manner in order to secure an acquittal.

Unfit through drink or drugs

This is a developing area of prosecutions by the police, brought in by some local justice areas and not others due to a lack of clarity and problems with the testing. It is important that such cases are challenged at every stage.

Notable Driving Victories

R v SC – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

In this high profile case JTS successfully argued to keep a disqualification to a matter of months, despite a substantial amount of aggravating features that would normally lead to ban in years.


In this case the Crown Prosecution Service had no option but to withdraw a prosecution today on the basis that the police had conducted a fundamental procedural error on the new offence of drug driving.

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