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Driving Offences

We have over a 95% success rate in road traffic offences…
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Our Team of Lawyers Have Many Years Experience in Dealing With All Types of Driving Cases in Courts Throughout the North- West and the UK.

We can help you to win your case and preserve your driving licence.

We will represent you for a low fixed-fee where there is no risk of spiralling costs.

We will endeavour to thoroughly prepare your case and represent your interests in Court to the highest possible standards.

Driving Offence Types

There are a large number of different types of driving offence.
We have identified the most common of these below in order to explain how JTS Solicitors can help you.

These include:

  • Re-opening a case; including S.142 Applications & Statutory Declarations
  • Failure to name a driver ( s.172 Offences)
  • Drink / Drug Driving
  • Penalty Points & Totting up
  • Due Care & Attention ( Careless Driving) & Dangerous Driving
  • Exceptional hardship arguments
  • Special reasons arguments
  • No insurance
  • No MOT
  • No license
  • Removal of Disqualification
  • Speeding
  • Red Light Offences
  • Business Vehicles

Notable Driving Victories

R v SC – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

In this high profile case JTS successfully argued to keep a disqualification to a matter of months, despite a substantial amount of aggravating features that would normally lead to ban in years.

R v RPJ – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

A speeding allegation where the case was thrown out because of lack of evidence to show who was actually driving the vehicle.

R v MS – Manchester Magistrates

A local businessman was acquitted today at Manchester Magistrates’ Court after facing an allegation that he was driving without insurance. His identity was stolen by another person and during the trial it was accepted that the police officer could not be sure it was the businessman who was driving. After a legal submission the case was thrown out and costs were ordered.

R v JS – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

JTS solicitors were successful today in an appeal against the refusal of a badge for a local black cab driver. As a result he can now work again and support his family.

Our Fees for Drivers

At JTS we understand that one of the greatest barriers to instructing a lawyer to represent you is concern over spiralling fees. Accordingly we operate a fixed-fee structure to keep your fees to an absolute minimum. At JTS Solicitors we can accept payment by all usual means including credit and debit card, cheque, bank transfer and cash. There is also no additional change for using credit and debit cards.

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