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We specialise in defending the rights of parents facing allegations that they have failed to send their children to school…
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We recognise that the government’s own attendance target of 95% is often unrealistic, particularly if your child is unwell, has transport difficulties or has visited relatives abroad during term time.

We can help you to win your case and prove your innocence.

We will represent you for a low fixed-fee where there is no risk of spiralling costs.

We will endeavour to thoroughly prepare your case and represent your interests in Court to the highest possible standards.

Representing Parents

Principal Solicitor, James Street has successfully represented parents in over 25 education cases in the last 12 months alone, with the majority of parents achieving either an acquittal or withdrawal of the prosecution case against them.

At JTS we can provide aid to you at all stages of the process including:

  • Parental requests for authorisation for holiday or unplanned absence
  • Fixed penalty notices imposed by the school and/or education authority
  • Prosecution by the local authority

Notable Education Law Victories

Manchester City Council v PG – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

Recently we have successfully been able to argue that as a father was not present during many of the meetings at the school it was not appropriate to pursue him though the Courts and the prosecution was withdrawn.

Salford City Council v NT – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

JTS successfully argued that the proceedings should be withdrawn against a mother as she had tried her best to send her child to school despite his poor attendance.

Salford City Council v JF – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

Despite admitting the offence, JTS successfully persuaded the Court to impose a fine that was actually lower than the original fixed penalty notice.

How Will My Case Be Funded?

We may be able to apply for legal aid funding for your case. Even if you are not eligible then we can represent you for an agreed fee in order to prevent spiralling costs and all or part of your fee may be recoverable from the Court if you win your case.

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