Failure To Furnish (S.172)

Failure To Furnish (S.172)

Failure to provide details of a driver (S.172 offences)

This is one of the most common yet confusing prosecutions for driving matters. Often the reason the police do not receive details of a driver is through no fault of your own. Perhaps you never received the letter, perhaps you sent it back and it did not arrive or perhaps there is a good reason why you did not get your post. In these situations we can challenge the prosecution case to the fullest. It is important that you do this as if you find yourself convicted of such offences then you can face at least 6 penalty points and a substantial fine. In such cases it is common for people to be convicted without even knowing it. Again we can assist you throughout the entire process of applying to re-open your cases and then reversing the conviction permanently.

In 2015 JTS Solicitors have achieved a 100% success rate in fail to furnish allegations where the matter has proceeded to trial saving Client’s hundreds of penalty points and thousands in fines.

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