Fare Evasion

Fare evaision

Fare evasion on Train and or Tram

At JTS we specialise in defending our Clients’ against prosecutions by both Metrolink and rail authorities for fare evasion.

It is not uncommon for innocent Clients’ to find that they have been convicted of these offences even without their knowledge and the first that they know about it is there are bailiffs knocking on the door wanting to seize goods or they have received a massive fine letter from the Courts.

This can often be caused by incorrect information being taken by the authorities or somebody else using your details to avoid prosecution.

At JTS we can make arrangements to stop the Bailiffs and Court action and withdraw any warrants that have been issued. We can arrange of the conviction to be reversed and we can often arrange for the entire case to be dismissed.

We can also advance your defence on your behalf. Perhaps the ticket machine was not working at the station or you had lost your ticket. If this is the case then you are innocent of these allegations.

If you have been convicted it is very important that you act immediately as the costs can soon climb into the thousands of pounds.

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