No Insurance, Licence & MOT

No Insurance, Licence & MOT

No Insurance

Perhaps your policy had expired, the insurance company did not have the correct information or perhaps you were misled and/or genuinely believed you had insurance. In such cases we can put forward your defence in a way so that Court does not penalise you. We can also liaise with your insurance company to see if they would be prepared to indemnify you in the circumstances, if we can do this then the prosecution will be dropped.

Notable Driving Victories

R v MS – Manchester Magistrates

A local businessman was acquitted today at Manchester Magistrates’ Court today after facing an allegation that he was driving without insurance. His identity was stolen by another person and during the trial it was accepted that the police officer could not be sure it was the businessman who was driving. After a legal submission the case was thrown out and costs were ordered.

No Licence & No MOT

Perhaps you were driving on an international licence or that your licence has been revoked without your knowledge. If this is the case then we can put forward your defence and recover your licence for you without any points endorsement.

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