Re-opening A Case

Re-opening A Case

Statutory Declarations

In many cases the first thing you will know about a driving conviction is a letter sent to you by the Court or the DVLA stating that you owe them hundreds of pounds and your licence has been endorsed with numerous penalty points. If you contact the Court to query this they will often suggest that you should make a statutory declaration and that that will be the end of the matter. Please do not take this as written, these are complex applications and if not done correctly, it could mean that you end up in a worse position than before.

At JTS we can assist you in making the appropriate applications to Court to re-open your case and establish your innocence and/or put forward your mitigation to reduce the fine and the penalty points.

Other Applications to re-open your case including s.142 applications

In some situations the Court will not permit you to make a Statutory Declaration. This is not the end of the matter however, in may situations we can rely on specific legislation to convince the Court to re-open your case for you.

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