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Speeding & Totting Disqualifications

We have over a 95% success rate in road traffic offences…
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We can challenge the evidence that it was you driving and the calibration of the measuring devices.

We can help you to win your case and preserve your driving licence.

We will represent you for a low fixed-fee where there is no risk of spiralling costs.

We will endeavour to thoroughly prepare your case and represent your interests in Court to the highest possible standards.

Speeding & Totting

Probably the most common of all driving offences, we can challenge the evidence that it was you driving and the calibration of the measuring devices. We can also argue that it may have been necessary for you drive at speed and that your licence should not be endorsed in the circumstances.

Speeding on multiple occasions can lead to a totting disqualification. In such cases we can we can assist in persuading the Court that you need to drive and to preserve your licence. We have significant experience in this area with over 95% success rate in arguing exceptional Hardship. 

We can also seek to argue that the speeding offence should be placed in a lower category and there reduce the number of points imposed or avoid a driving ban.

Red Light Offences

Often a red light is passed because of a confusing layout, lack of visibility or to assist or avoid an emergency vehicle. In these and similar situations we can successfully argue your defence at Court or on your behalf by way of a letter to the Court. Our lawyers have spent many year in Courts and are uniquely experienced in knowing the correct submissions to make to the Court on your behalf. 

It is disappointing to note how many special reasons arguments are rejected by the Court on the basis that unrepresented defendants’ do not know what needs to be said.

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Exceptional Hardship

At JTS one of our most common forms of cases is arguing exceptional hardship on behalf of our clients. We have a 95% success rate this year with these cases. We fully prepare you defence to give you the best chance of retaining your licence. With over 15 years of experience in arguing such cases were are able to address the Courts concerns and avoid a 6 month ban. 

Notable Driving Victories

R v RPJ – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

A speeding allegation where the case was thrown out because of lack of evidence to show who was actually driving the vehicle.

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