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Taxi Drivers

At JTS we understand that protecting your taxi badge and driving licence is important to both you and your family. We are highly experienced in representing many Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers.

Interview under caution

Sometimes drivers are asked to attend Council offices for an interview under caution. At JTS we believe that it is important you are properly represented at an interview as the answers you provide can have a dramatic effect on the way licensing choose to proceed.

We can meet with you prior to the interview to discuss the allegations and then attend with you in order to provide advice and support.

Representation at Committee & Disciplinary Hearings

We are experienced in representing our drivers when they are required by the council to attend committee hearings. We are often able to persuade the committee to divert from their strict guidelines and allow our drivers to keep their badges.

Appeals against committee decision to prevent, revoke or suspend licence.

Even if the committee finds against you, we can still ask the Magistrates’ Court to reverse the committee decision.

At JTS we can prepare and argue your case before the Magistrates’ Court where we have a strong record of persuading the Court to overturn the decisions of licencing committees.

Courts often require a substantial fee to bring such proceedings and at JTS we can also assist in applying for fee exemptions on your behalf.

Please be aware that there are strict time limits for appealing against a removal or refusal of your licence. We can assist you in lodging your appeal in time and then representing you at Court.

Driving Offences as a Taxi Driver

Innocent drivers can often find themselves accused of driving offences that can put their licence and job at risk. This includes allegations of plying for hire, refusing to take passengers and driving without a badge or insurance. We can prepare your case and represent you at Court where we have had great success in achieving the right result for our drivers.
Please be aware the Council will instruct a specialist lawyer to represent their interests in Court and therefore at JTS we feel it is important that you are also have a lawyer in your corner.

How is my case funded?

We may be able to apply for legal aid funding for your case. Even if you are not eligible then we can represent you for an agreed fee in order to prevent spiralling costs and all or part of your fee may be recoverable from the Court if you win your case.

Recent Cases

Manchester Council v HS – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

We successfully negotiated with the Council that a Manchester Driver should have his licence returned on Appeal at the Magistrates’ Court.

Manchester Council v BN – Manchester Magistrates’ Court

We successfully argued that the Court should return the badge to a driver charged with serious criminal offences.

Manchester Council v JD – Licensing Committee

We successfully persuaded the Council to allow a driver to keep his badge despite being convicted of taking fares without a valid badge and licence.

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