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Taxi License Applications

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We understand that protecting your taxi badge and driving licence is fundamental to support both you and your family. Our team has many years of experience in representing both Hackney Carriage and Private Hire drivers.

We can help you to win your case and preserve your driving licence.

We will represent you for a low fixed-fee where there is no risk of spiralling costs.

We will endeavour to thoroughly prepare your case and represent your interests in Court to the highest possible standards.

Taxi Licence / Badge Applications and Renewals

At JTS we specialise in assisting new and existing drivers with their taxi licence / badge applications and renewals.

This includes applications for Private Hire Badges, Hackney Cartridges and Operators License’s. We can also assist with renewal applications for all of these type of licenses.

At JTS we recognise that taxi license applications can be very complex requiring lots of information from you and if they are not completed correctly and accurately then the application can often be refused and you can then be prevented from making an application in the future.

Also if you do not succeed in your application with one Council then that decision can be passed to other counsel’s and effect any future applications.

Even if you make a genuine mistake on the forms this could mean that you are prevented from applying to be a taxi driver.

At JTS we also underhand that the whole process can be made all the more complex if you have a good but limited understanding of technical English.

We will assist you throughout the whole process including:

  • Drafting and completing of forms
  • References
  • DBS Disclosure
  • Driving license issues

We will also liaise with the Council on your behalf to ensure that the application is processed correctly and as quickly as possible and we will help to resolve commonly found areas of dispute and confusion.

At JTS we also note that you are probably looking to drive a taxi as your main form of income and as a such we have managed to reduce our fees to £500 + VAT (this does not include the application fees require to be paid by the driver).

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